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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2024! We hope everyone here has an amazing 2024! We will be back on Jan. 7th with the topic “War on Dads”. We look forward to seeing you then!

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Merry Christmas

Just want to wish all of our listeners a very merry Christmas. We hope you are enjoying the holiday season with your loved ones. We will see you all in a few weeks!

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We Return Sept. 17th.

UPDATE: Sorry due to network issues we had to postpone the season premiere 1 week. The premiere will be Sept. 17th @ 7pm (CST). Less than a month away. We return for season 2 on Sept. 17th with an extended special to participate in the worldwide discussion during Suicide Prevention Day. Talk to you then! You can watch us live on our Facebook page @ 7 pm (CST) After our live broadcast you will be able to find us here, on youtube, and all streaming platforms. If you aren’t already on our Facebook, it’s a good place to be as that is how you can watch us live and win giveaways. 😀

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Summer Is Here!

Welcome to summer! Season one has wrapped and we are officially on summer break. We will return on Sept 10th for a special season 2 premiere about suicide awareness. During this time off, we will update the website and other social media platforms. You may notice changes on and off during this time, which will be normal as I slowly migrate over to new designs. We here at Unstable Duo sincerely hope you enjoy your summer. We will see you all in September!

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Episode 1×09 Narcissists

This week on The Unstable Duo Podcast we discuss Narcissists. Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental health disorder in which someone has an unreasonably high sense of their own importance. They desire people to admire them. This often leads to severe manipulation of people around them. Lies, gaslighting, and even forms of abuse. It is especially highlighted when combined with a horrible person underneath the disorder. People with this disorder often lack the ability to understand or care about the feelings of others. Here are some resources about todays topic: You can watch us live every Sunday on our Facebook page.You can always watch the video podcast on our Youtube page.

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Mental Health Day

We want to apologize and let our listeners know we will take the week off for mental health reasons. Our listeners know that I suffer from mental health issues. Today anxiety and thoughts are just kicking my ass. In the past I would have ghosted the world but I am learning to be honest and forthcoming and that it’s not something I need to be embarrassed about. With that said, we will continue our lineup next Sunday, May 14th with Narccasists. Look forward to seeing you then! – Forest

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